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Once your technician arrives, you can request a detailed estimate that outlines the scope of work and price. This way, you never have to worry about surprise charges or hidden fees.

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Our Solar Technicians perform a wide range of solar installation/repair services. We begin with a thorough evaluation of your situation and requirements. We then give you our expert opinion on how best to proceed with a no obligation quote. Hire A Local Professional Solar Expert For Your Installations, Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance Requirements. Call Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your questions will be answered below. If you still have questions, please call us at (855) 950-4893

  • What are the financial benefits of solar energy?
  • When you install a solar energy system on your property, you save money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against rising electricity rates in the future. How much you can save depends on the utility rates and solar policies in your area, but going solar is a smart investment regardless of where you live.

  • What is net metering?
  • Net metering is the system that utilities use to credit solar energy system owners for the electricity produced by their solar panels. With net metering, you only pay for the electricity that you use beyond what your solar panels can generate. Net metering policies differ from state to state – from Massachusetts to California – so make sure to do your homework ahead of time

  • How does solar impact my property values?
  • Studies have shown that homes with solar energy systems sell for more than homes without them. However, your property value will only increase if you own, rather than lease, your solar panel system. In most parts of the country, going solar will actually increase your property value more than a kitchen renovation.

  • Can I go off grid with solar panels?
  • When you install solar panels on your property, you will still be connected to the grid. This allows you to draw from the grid when your system is not producing all of the power that you need, and send power back to the grid when you produce more than you use. It is possible to go off the grid with a solar energy system that includes battery storage, but it will cost significantly more and is unnecessary for the majority of homeowners.
  • How much will solar panel maintenance cost?
  • Solar panel systems are made of durable tempered glass and require little to no maintenance for the 25 to 35 years that they will generate power. In most cases, you don’t even need to clean your solar panels regularly. If something does happen, most equipment manufacturers include warranties, although warranty terms depend on the company.

  • Should I buy or lease my solar panel system?
  • The decision to buy or lease your solar energy system depends on your reasons for going solar. If you are interested in maximizing the financial returns of your solar energy system, buying the system is probably a better decision for you. However, if you prioritize an easy, maintenance-free way to reduce your energy bills and help the environment, you should consider a solar lease.

Local Solar Installation Services
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